Flatrack containers


Flatrack containers


This type of shipping container is used in the transportation industry to transport oversized, bulky, or irregularly shaped cargo. These containers have an open-top design with a flat, solid base and fixed or collapsible end walls. These end walls can be folded down or removed to accommodate cargo of varying sizes and shapes. The flexibility and adaptability of flatrack containers make them a good choice for goods that can not fit into standard containers due to their size or shape, such as large machinery, heavy equipment, and vehicles.



20’ Flatrack


ISO Type Group    22 PC

ISO Size Type         22 P3



Internal Dimension

Length Min: 5,638 mm / (18' 6") feet

Width Floor: 2,438 mm / (8')  feet

Width Min: 2,194 mm / (7' 2 3/8") feet

Height: 2,233 mm / (7' 3 7/8") feet

Height Bottom: 370 mm / (1' 2 1/2") feet                





Max Gross: 45,000 kg / (99,200 lbs)

Tare (Weight): 2,900 kg / (6,400 lbs)

Max Payload: 42,100 kg / (92,800 lbs)      

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